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International students from all over the world want to study in American colleges and universities.
They dream of attending prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and MIT. Indeed, the United States is home to a wealth of the world’s finest academic institutions, on both the university and secondary school level. For international students, however, it is very difficult to gain access to the esteemed American educational system.

This is where CCN comes in.

When it comes to applying to college, American students have a major advantage. They are already fluent in English and are prepared by rigorous college preparatory programs. When US high school seniors apply to college they do so with years of experience doing activities important to the US colleges and universities such as athletics, clubs, and community service. In addition, the US students benefit from college placement programs within their schools and from letters of recommendation written by experienced US American educators.

Simply put, the best way for an international student to prepare an American college or university is to study at an American high school and enjoy these same benefits. CCN’s American Private School Program makes this all possible.

With over thirty years of experience in cross-cultural education, CCN’s professional, caring staff has the ability to accept and place international students in a wide range of quality high schools with supportive homestay families.

Our students learn English and grow in their understanding of the US educational system while attending high school in the United States. They study, play sports, and participate in school activities with their American classmates and graduate ready and able to meet the challenges of American colleges and universities.
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